Kari Rasmus

Perfect symmetry bores me. Mix it up! Just like people, I like homes with personality. My personal space combines antiques, comfortable textured materials and distinctive art. A classic rug has always been front and center in my home...it's the furniture and accessories that change with the times.

Linda Birmingham

I love creating spaces that are HAPPY & SOOTHING.

You should get the feeling that you never want to leave the space  and when you do leave, you can't wait to get back.

I'm a firm believer that the positioning of all interior elements including your own treasures, during install day is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of the plan. Inches can make a BIG difference.

Kris Carlson

Everybody should put beauty in their home or office that speaks to THEIR soul! My soul loves modern decor. I'm always on the lookout for the latest modern trends. Clean lines, reflective surfaces, statement pieces of art and lux finishes can be found in my home.

Anne Haley

Anne is the numbers cruncher! She decorates the office in spreadsheets, balance sheets and purchase orders. She's as in love with numbers as the rest of us are with home decor. THAT, too, is a beautiful thing.


Wendy Buck

Wendy is our Bismarck designer. Although, she and her husband currently live in Fargo, they are planning a move back to Bismarck, where they raised their three girls. Wendy is looking forward to being back home and we're happy that she'll be bringing her talents out west! I can guarantee she'll make you feel right at home!